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Each piece is unique because of the handmade and unique texture. "Leather", which is what most of the typical gallery bags are made of, has been stripped down and rebuilt with glues, resins and chemicals to make all 100,000 look identical. On the other hand, we create a bag from a single sheet of "Crazy horse" cowhide. It is incredibly durable and unique - no two will ever be identical. We do not sand down natural imperfections like scratches and discoloration because our goal is to create bags for a very long time and we do not want to weaken the skin. Instead of wearing out, Lezerton products will naturally condition themselves, giving them the desired patina and irreplaceable character over time.

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Fashion is not constant, it dictates changes to us. But some things remain outside of time. We make really versatile models. You can match our product with any outfit and you will never have your hands tied.

10 years quarante

Hand work and the durability of natural leather make our products usable for many years. We give guarantee for all our products. In case of damage, contact us and we will repair everything free of charge.


Our fundamental principle is to treat the customer individually. People are our greatest value, we don't want to see you as a mass market component. We will accommodate your needs and always give you an answer to all your questions, no matter if before or after your purchase.