About leather


Please note that the leather we use to make our products does not have a stable range of colors and uniformity. No two patches of skin are identical. We always try to provide the most accurate information about the colors offered at the moment to match and choose the color you like. Due to different lighting conditions during shooting, different monitor calibration or the type of device (e. g. tablet, phone or computer) on which the products are presented, the possible difference between the color reproduction in the photo (by 1-2 tones) and the skin color of the finished product should be taken into account. In any case, we will try to find the best option for you and can assure you that in reality, your skin has an even more beautiful and richer appearance!

Types of leather

In manufacturing our products we use only high quality vegetable tanned cowhide. These leathers are 100% natural and at the same time the most durable. Such leathers are prone to scratches, which can be removed by wiping the product with a soft, clean cloth. Instead of wearing out, such leather has the property to rub off and after some time it gains a more vintage look creating the sought after patina and unique character.

The thickness of leather from which we make our bags, backpacks and wallets is 1. 4 – 1. 9 mm.

Care and storage

It is best to store natural leather products in a dark closet. To prevent the leather product from changing shape, it is recommended to fill the bag with paper. Avoid storing your natural leather bags in sealed plastic bags. This promotes oxidation processes and gradually changes the color of the skin. Don’t hold your skin under very intense sunlight, in direct sunlight, as this can lead to discoloration or fading.

The leather we use is prone to scratches, which you can get rid of by wiping the product with a soft, clean cloth.

You can use a waterproof spray for leather (DO NOT use oil-based formulations), you can clean leather with a special leather cleaner.

Do not rub the contamination area vigorously or use wet wipes to clean.

If your leather product has gotten wet from rain or snow, wipe it dry with a soft, dry cloth. Do not allow long or continuous contact with water.
Over time, your skin may become a bit dry. So from time to time you may want to restore some of that moisture to your skin. We recommend PALC leather balm – preparation composed of high quality ingredients, thanks to which it gives your leather goods softness and elasticity and protects against moisture.
We wax each product with this lotion before shipping.

Physical properties of natural leather

Natural leather has the property to stretch and change its shape in every possible way under physical pressure. The pockets for the cards in our wallets are specially made in the size of the card, as the leather will take the form of the object over time.

Any grain, freshly tanned leather may dye things at first, but after about two weeks the leather will stop dyeing as it darkens in the touch points. The process of rubbing off the leather can be accelerated by wiping with a clean dry cloth on the touching points and you can also use preparations whose task is to prevent the leather from discolouring, for example – “Salamander anti colour”.


Leather cutting is done by hand by a leather worker, we do not stamp or use a laser. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy to the millimeter.

Use of materials. In production we use only natural leather, we receive and order only the highest quality material. It is permissible to use leather with defects (birthmark, slight scar) or scratches that do not affect the functionality of the product, however, such leather is only used for finishing the bottom or the interior (pockets, compartments), i. e. it does not affect the appearance of the product or its consumer properties.

We do not use lining or structural components, with the exception of the cardboard bottom in most bags and backpacks. The best lining is the reverse side of the leather, and a stiff leather structure (1. 2-2 mm thick) that allows the product to keep its shape.

Hard bottom. Most of our bags have a hard cardboard bottom upholstered in leather.

Why hand made? Why vegetable tanned cowhide that will last for years? The bag you buy in most mall stores is made of cheap materials (the goal is to sell you another one in a year or two). “The ‘leather’ from which such a bag is made has been stripped and rebuilt with glues, resins and chemicals to make all 100,000 pieces look identical . . but most importantly, the best look you’ll ever have is the day you overpay for it at the local mall. On the other hand, a handbag sewn from our skin, just like a 30-year-old bottle of good wine, gets better with age.